Leanometer is a completely new concept. It’s a solid state, standalone electronic device that measures forces acting on a moving motorcycle and displays cornering force, lean angle, acceleration and braking force.

It is simple to use, needs no specialist knowledge, no wiring, and can be removed in seconds. With its sturdy ABS case, Leanometer is built to withstand the rigours of outdoor use.

There are two main display modes:

SafeDisplay - this is the default mode, giving a snapshot of the maximum figures measured in the last corner.

Live Mode - as a downloadable extra, the device displays data in real time. Live Mode is only recommended for use with a bike-mounted camera, where it can be an invaluable track tool.

In addition to the in-ride display, Leanometer also records and stores the last 25 corners for playback after a ride.

Finally, Leanometer can also be set to log data, with a capacity of approximately five hours. This can then be downloaded onto PC for analysis using the supplied USB cable.

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So what happened in that corner back there? Well, while you were concentrating on riding, Leanometer was measuring all the forces at work, and now you’re upright it’s ready to display them in a clear and concise way. Here's a typical snapshot, with an explanation of what it's showing:

You can see that the rider braked moderately on entry, achieved maximum lean of 33º, with 0.5g of cornering force, before accelerating out of the corner. By treating the corner as a complete 'event', Leanometer gives you a really clear picture of what you've just done.

This is real, in-ride information, and it’s presented in a way that you can understand at a glance, and you can use the information from one corner to change the way you approach the next one! No other device gives you this - not even expensive dataloggers.

SafeDisplay - built-in safety
Leanometer works by detecting cornering ‘events’. When you enter a corner, it measures and records all the forces at work. During this period, the display will be blank, showing only "--". As you pass the apex and return to vertical, Leanometer detects this and shows you the maximum braking g, lateral g, lean angle, and acceleration achieved in the corner.

This is what the display shows when significant cornering, braking or acceleration forces are detected. As long as your maneouvre continues, the display will remain in this state.
Once out of the corner, L20 displays the maximum lean angle, plus maximum cornering force, braking, and acceleration. This display remains until the next manoeuvre is detected.

SafeDisplay means there is NEVER any need to look at the display while you are cornering.

Leanometer automatically keeps these snapshot records of the last twenty-five corners where maximum lateral g was at least 0.2g. Maximum trip and all-time lean corner records are also stored.

Record five hours of riding!
We designed the leanometer to be useful and informative as you ride, but sometimes you want to look back in detail. Leanometer can record up to 25 outings, up to five hours of riding in total.

You start the logging with a key press in Ride mode. The logging symbol on the display will start flashing to show that logging is active. We now record braking G, acceleration G, lateral (cornering) G and frame lean angle at 5Hz until you press a key to stop.

The logging symbol is shown if there is logged data available to download. Connect to a PC with the supplied USB cable and run the LeanData software (which can be downloaded from the Support page). All logged sessions are downloaded and you can view them graphically, for a really detailed view of your rides.

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Leanometer is informative
Leanometer gives you just the information you need - no more, no less - to learn more about your cornering technique.

It’s immediate
It gives you a concise snapshot for every corner, so you can use information from the last corner in preparation for the next one.

Safety built-in
Our unique SafeDisplay system means that you never need to look at the unit until it’s safe to do so. Furthermore, the in-built data logging allows you to analyse the information after a ride.

Easy to fit
No wiring, no complicated setup - Leanometer is completely self-contained. You need to make sure the unit is secure and level using the built-in ‘spirit level’, and that’s it.

Easy to use
Basic operation involves one button press, and access to further features is similarly easy.

Designed for road and track
In addition to SafeDisplay mode, Leanometer can be used in Live mode in conjunction with a bike-mounted camera. Intended for track day riders, this gives you corner by corner information in real time which can be analysed later.

Five hours of datalogging
Leanometer can be set to log data for download to a PC. The accompanying PC software shows graphs of acceleration/braking, lateral G and frame lean angle against time.

It's truly affordable
There is simply nothing on the market which gives you this sort of information at this price. In fact, there’s nothing on the market at twice the price!

Adaptable to your purposes
Leanometer comes with PC software which allows you to customize functions to suit the way you ride, and the information you want.

Universal fitting
Leanometer detaches in seconds from its mounting platform, and there is nothing bike-specific about it. So if you have two bikes, you can move your Leanometer between them easily – all you’ll need is an extra mounting kit.
What’s included:
  • Leanometer unit
  • Quick release mounting platform
  • Top yoke mount
  • 1-1/8” Handlebar mount
  • 7/8” bar adaptor
  • 1” bar adaptor
  • 6mm spacer
  • 12mm spacer
  • N cell battery
  • 3M dual lock
  • USB cable
  • SafeDisplay numeric lean angle, in degrees
  • Lateral g force, graphic bar display
  • Acceleration, graphic bar display
  • Deceleration/braking, graphic bar display
  • Mode (Ride, Data)
  • Record of last 25 corners
  • Maximum event - TRIP
  • Maximum event since reset
  • Battery condition
  • Over five hours of capacity
  • Easy download to LeanData software for analysis

Width: 52mm
Front face height: 50mm
Total depth: 57mm
Vertical height: 48mm
Display size: 40mm x 30mm
Weight (unit only, with battery): 56g
Regarding mounting, Leanometer has a couple of important requirements:
  • The built-in Spirit Level mode MUST be used to mount the unit as level as possible.
  • the unit should be mounted on the centreline of the bike (or as close to it as possible).
  • the mount should not have any movement - it should be solid on the bars.

Beyond that, it ought to be easy to see without obscuring the rider’s view of the road, or of the motorcycle's instruments

Leanometer comes as standard with a mounting plate and two fixing systems – one for tubular handlebars and one for top yoke mounting.

For motorcycles with conventional tubular handlebars: The Leanometer mounting clamp has an internal diameter of 1-1/8”. This is suitable for the tapered bars (Renthal Fatbar® etc) that some modern bikes are equipped with. The two rubber adaptors have internal diameters of 1” and 7/8” respectively. 1” handlebars are common on customs and cruisers, whilst 7/8” is the standard size for the majority of motorcycles. Once the clamp has been fitted, the unit is adjusted so that it is correctly oriented (horizontal top surface). If there are any problems with clearance (for example, the ignition key), then use the spacers supplied.

Super sports bikes generally have a “clip on” handlebar design, where individual bars clamp onto the fork leg, either above or below the top yoke. For this type of bike we supply the top yoke adaptor, which is secured in position using the 3M Dual Lock supplied. This adaptor is angled at 24 degrees, which on most super sports bikes should automatically set the Leanometer at (or very near) horizontal.